Hi! Welcome to Fifteen Hour Flight.

The first time I boarded a plane and heard the pilot say we would be airborne for 14 hours and 52 minutes, I may have shed a tear.

That’s not entirely true, but I was shocked. 15 hours in an airplane?! 15 hours of depressing Indie films, meals that look strangely similar to what I feed my fish (no offense airplane chefs; you do a great job considering your limitations), and a toilet that I sincerely believe wants to kill me?

Well. I survived the murderous bathroom. I survived quite a few 15-hour-flights, actually, and I am grateful for every one. They brought me to where I am today, which is pursuing a dream in Southeast Asia to tell the stories of how God is calling all people to himself (for more on that, go to the About page). As you can see, I owe those flights.

But that’s not what this blog is about. For those of you who like cheesy metaphors as much as I do, you’ve probably picked up by now that this blog is about all of our 15-hour-flights. Because we each have one; they may not take us all across the Pacific Ocean, but they take us somewhere. Maybe to that book we always meant to write but “never had time” to start. Maybe to that social justice issue we were too afraid to get involved in because it was just so big. Maybe to that degree, that hobby, that marriage, that group of marginalized people, that relationship that needs mending, that city, that whatever.

A 15 hour flight could take you anywhere, friend. The point is that it’s yours, and only you decide whether or not you get on.

So…shall we?